HOLD FAST - The Meaning

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HOLD FAST The Meaning

The Meaning of "HOLD FAST"

HOLD FAST brand believes people need an extra layer of positive support to remind, ensure, inspire them to finish what they started and to stay true to themselves. But where does the term HOLD FAST come from?

hold fast


1.to bear down, stay the course

2.continue to believe in or adhere to an idea or principle

  “when times get tough one needs to Hold Fast and ride it out”

  synonyms: to stay strong, do what is right, see it through, no surrender, stay true, continue   to believe, this too shall pass, grit it out.

HOLD FAST is a nautical term that has its origins from the Dutch word "houd vast" which translate to "Hold Tight" in regards to holding securely to ships ropes and rigging. 


HOLD FAST brand angry sea


Sailors tattoo the letters of "HOLD FAST" on 8 of their fingers to acknowledge and respect the sea. The motto of "One hand for you and one hand for the ship". The importance to ground yourself to the ship while working the rigging. During a storm one needs to worry about self survival but also sacrifice for your shipmates to face the storm and do your job. No matter what mother nature can throw at you. It is no wonder that many non sailors can relate to the term "Hold Fast". 

We all face storms in our lives and it is during these storms we realize what we are really made of. Do we run for shelter or do we face the storm and do what we need to do to protect the ones we love? Do we listen to others or do we listen to our inner-self and do what we believe is right? Do we HOLD FAST to our values, morals and ethics? Do we stand our ground, make a stand and ride the storm out? Do we believe that we will be stronger if we make it through doing it the right way?

HOLD FAST brand USA soldier T-shirt

To us at the HOLD FAST brand that is exactly what the term HOLD FAST means. It is doing the right thing and being the person who we know we can be. The term HOLD FAST and our logo Anchor are symbols that remind us that we may struggle in the storm, we will HOLD FAST to what we believe in, face up to the storm, and know that no matter how strong the storm is. That it too shall pass if we HOLD FAST to what is right and stay true to ourselves. 

HOLD FAST brand hero


"Hold Fast." It has eight letters, with the goal that makes it a contender for your knuckles. Be that as it may, what are the starting points of the term? What does it extremely mean and where did it originate from?

 When you think tattoos, you think mariners. What's more, you most likely definitely realized that "Hold Fast" was a nautically themed tattoo. Notwithstanding, its starting points are more profound than that: It's additionally the witticism of Clan MacLeod on Scotland. It shows up on the peak alongside a bull's head the originator of the faction slew. You can in any case go visit the horn at one of their three strongholds in Scotland.

 In any case, the nautical roots appear to be generally detached to the Scottish Clan. And keeping in mind that "Hold Fast" sounds like it may have the implication of diving in and hanging extreme (it improves the situation the MacLeods), it implies the correct inverse to a mariner: Stop whatever it is that you're doing.

 The sources of "Hold Fast" are in the Dutch "hou' tremendous," which signifies "hold quick" and is likewise the starting point of the expression "avast." It's generally proportionate with the Spanish expression "¡Ya basta!"

 Likewise with most tattoos established in a specific culture, "Hold Fast" has a particular importance for the individuals who have lived before the pole. A "Hold Fast" tattoo implies one who has filled in as a deckhand similarly that a completely fixed ship once showed adjusting the Cape Horn, hula young ladies are related with time burned through positioned in Hawai'i and swallows demonstrated exactly how much time a mariner had done adrift.

 In the same way as other mariner tattoos, there's a component of superstition engaged with the "Hold Fast" tattoo: Deckhands got it with expectations of getting a decent grasp.

 In 2018 you don't need to be a mariner or a deck hand to get a "Hold Fast" tattoo, on your knuckles or anyplace else. In case you're occupied with getting a customary mariner tattoo of any sort, head on down to Alchemy Tattoo in Silver Lake.

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